A world of snow and ice, by François Guion


For the portfolio of the tenth issue of the Hiking on the Moon magazine we asked François Guion, head of Quechua image production, to share some images representing his vision of a universe of snow and ice. An invitation to a hushed world where solitude intertwines with serenity, and where each region deals with the winter cold in its own way.

Eternal traveller and a great observer, François showed us with his photos that depending on the countries visited, not all winters are the same. To learn more we're heading to Norway, Nepal, Italy, France and Switzerland. When they're covered by snow, the mountains of the world change their appearance. When they're wrapped in white clouds they seem endless. While those frozen by ice remind us that nature always has the upper hand, that it has the power to redraw landscapes, the ability to freeze energies and stop time. We wish you a pleasent trip between ice and snow! For those who want to get away thanks to François's pictures, let's also have a look on the beautiful shots of mountains people he took back from a long journey between China, Nepal, Pakistan, and India: discover these high perched populations, their warm and colourful cultures. 2005-05 Trip Norvege 28 Norvège © François Guion 2005-05 Trip Norvege 36 Norvège © François Guion FR_2006-11-05-023 France © François Guion FR_DSC5058 France © François Guion Nepal_FG62686 Nepal © François Guion _FGQ3842 Italy © François Guion Suisse_DSC9906 Switzerland © François Guion Nepal_DSC_7789 Nepal © François Guion

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