Family Camping Tent Air Seconds 5.2 xl | 5 People - Grey

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Key feature
Simplicity of assembly for this tent for 5 with a very ample living area protected by a canopy with 2 rooms for 3 and 2 people.
Available price from 04/09/2017 and while stocks last on Decathlon

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User benefits

High living area 6,8 m² w/ groundsheet, 1 bedroom 210x140 cm and one 210x210 cm.
Easy assembly / dismantling
Easy and fast set-up , inflatable all-in-one structure.
Heat reduction
Double rook above the living area for ventilation.Mosquito net door and windows.
Wind resistance 60 km/h (Force 7): validated in a wind tunnel on a turntable.
Easy transport
Carrying straps Cover 80 X 44 x 44 cm 155 litres Weight: 20.2 kg
Test simulating rain at 200 mm water/hour/M² (Tropical rain) and field test.
Environmental impact
Life cycle comparison: sleeping tent - sustainability.decathlon.com

Technical card

20.2 KG
Outer fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Inside room : 50.0% Polyester (PES), Inside room : 50.0% Polyethylene (PE) Pole : 30.0% Aluminium, Pole : 30.0% Polyethylene (PE), Pole : 30.0% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Pole : 10.0% Glass - Fibre (FG)
Waterproofing of QUECHUA tents is validated for the whole tent, under 200 litres of water/hour m² (200mm rainfall per hour) for 4 hours. The water column test (= mm schmerbers) measures only the impermeability of the fabric. Our test allows to prevent any passage of water through the seams, flaps, openings, zippers, etc. Wind resistance: We test all our tents in a wind tunnel on a turntable to expose each face of the tent to the wind. Testing in real conditions.
Designed to
5 people requiring quick-pitch camp and wishing a large tent with easy assembly and disassembly, 2 rooms and large living area.
2 years. Reparability: All our tents are repairable at the workshop of your usual Decathlon store.


Storage Tips
Storage – after use, or cleaning, store the tent only after perfect drying to prevent odour and mould.
Restricted use
Use only a manual pump: Ref: 8243066


Living area
Living area of 6.8 m² equipped with a bucket groundsheet that can be flattened at the large door. The shelter of the permanent awning allows to open the tent flap even if it rains. 2 large windows with curtains 1 large mosquito net at the door. Pockets at the outside of the bedrooms. Clothesline above the window
Assembly / disassembly
Inflatable structure all-in-1 (bedroom and double roof pre-assembled). 3 inflation points.
Sun protection
The fabric of the double roof filters UV radiation with a UPF of 30. Please note: a large amount of UV radiation can pass through a simple open door.
Double roof of living area lined to aerate and limit condensation. Mosquito net at the entrance door and one of the windows.
Wind resistance
We test all our tents in a wind tunnel on a turntable to expose each face of the tent to the wind. The fully assembled tent with all the guy ropes correctly deployed around the tent should remain habitable with a wind speed measured at 60 km/h close to the ground.
Like all Quechua tents, waterproofing has been carefully worked on, with the WHOLE TENT laboratory tested under 200 litres of water per hour and per m² (200 mm of rainfall per hour!) and during our test missions. -- Double roof made of polyester coated with polyurethane 2,000 mm - Seams sealed by heat-bonded strips - Groundsheet made of polyethylene 195 g/m², 5,000 mm of resistance.
Poles, stakes
Inflatable poles: Structure of 3 inflatable poles in 3 layers: 1 air chamber made of TPU, 1 polyethylene zip cover and 1 sleeve to keep the arch inside the double roof. Stakes: Excellent torsional strength (6 mm diameter steel).
Size and weight folded size
2 bedrooms 210 x 140 cm and 210 x 210 cm Living area 6.8 m² with 215 cm maximum height. Storage cover: 80 x 44 x 44cm. Weight: 20.2 kg
All our tents have a warranty for 2 years in normal use (your loyalty card or your receipt are proof of purchase). In case of any problem have your tent examined in the nearest Decathlon store.
A note to compare the environmental impact of products
The environmental impacts of the product are calculated over its entire life cycle and with various indicators. A global grade ABCDE helps you to easily identify products with the best environmental performance by comparing products of the same type to each other (T-shirts, pants, backpacks, etc.). Decathlon is a voluntary player in this environmental classification process. For more information: http://sustainability.decathlon.com/

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