Forclaz 20 Children's hiking Fleece in white

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Key feature
Our lowest price and the best warmth/weight ratio in our line of children's fleeces. Very durable material. Retains shape when washed.
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Available price from 03/04/2015 and while stocks last on Decathlon

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    fajny za rozsadna cene

    ladny kolor, cieply i dobrze sie nosi

User benefits

Warm fleece, made with 140 g/sqm Stratermic material.
Durable component, no perceptible piling, retains shape when washed
Quick drying
Dries very quickly to keep you from catching cold
Easy maintenance
Machine wash at 40°C. Quick drying. No ironing needed (crease-free).

Technical card

Ages 4 to 14
120 g in size 10 years
Other colours
Navy Blue
100% polyester
Our design team is based at the foot of Mont-Blanc, in Haute-Savoie (France). All year round, our designers create and develop products that are appealing, simple, and technologically advanced. These are then ruthlessly tested in the field, as we remain convinced that only through rigorous testing under real world conditions, like the ones you will be using them in, can we continue to provide you with better products than ever.
Designed to
keeping your child warm while HIKING.
2 years


Care instructions
1. Machine wash at 40°C, normal cycle 2. Avoid folding the garment too much in the machine as this can damage it. 3. Do not bleach. 4. Select a long rinse and gentle spin cycle. 5. Dries quickly when air dried 6. No ironing needed (fleece component is crease-free) 7. Do not dry clean.
Storage Tips
Store on a hanger or folded in a clean, dry place.


To choose the right size, measure your child's height (barefoot): 102 to 109cm = size 4 years, 110 to 113cm = 5 years, 114 to 121cm = 6 years, 122 to 133cm = 8 years, 134 to 145cm = 10 years, 146 to 158cm = 12 years, 159 to 172cm = 14 years.
Fleece component:
Fleece is a good thermal insulator. Pockets of air are created through a brushing process that raises the fabric's fibres; usually this is done on both sides of the polyester fabric. This layer of air is what helps to trap body heat. The extent of the brushing, the shape, and the thickness, depend on the material's intended use (environment and sport activity). Fleece is very lightweight (compared with wool) and thus extremely well suited to sports activities.
Component developed by Stratermic:
Stratermic components are guaranteed to be warm and lightweight. Stratermic also means quality, durability, and products that are rigorously tested both in the lab and in real-world sporting activities.
Component tests:
Resistance to wear test: for example, Stratermic makes sure that there is no piling on the fleece. Colour retention test: We thoroughly test the dyeing process to make sure that the dye does not bleed when coming into contact with saliva. Resistance to repeated washing test: Repeated washing should not affect the fabric's properties, behaviour, thickness or appearance.