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Forclaz 30 Air + Men's backpack blue/red. 30 litres - Air Cooling label

  • 24 October 2016
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    Think twice before buying

    I bought this back thinking the concept of the "air" was great.
    Turned out that it does not make a huge difference. However, what makes a huge difference is the size of the bag while only 30l. Indeed, to compensate the curve of the "air" the bag is much less longer.
    Also the curve on the inside of the bag means that you can actually see properly the content of the bag and it is not easily accessible.
    You have to go with your hand and guess for what you are trying to find in your bag.
    Made many purchases at decathlon but that one was a mistake.

    Brand's answer :


    I appricate your feedback on the Quechua F30 Air backpack. I will pass on your comments to the product manager for the backpacks. If you remian unsatisfied with the backpack, please drop into your local store where they will be able to find a soultion for you.
    Many thanks,

    Chris Allen UK Market Manager DECATHLON