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Forclaz 50 Men's Fleece Long Johns - black

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  • 16 February 2016
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    Good but confused labeling

    OK, so they're light fleece with a stretchy waist and very good value for money. But much else to say except I'm 6', and medium fits me. But... They're advertised as a 'tight' and a trouser?! In my experience, tights are tight but these are not, they are loose in the leg like a trouser without pockets or fly. Initially I thought they were mislabelled, but now that I've worn them I think they have two advantages over normal tights. They're more comfortable for just mooching around in but on their own and are better in cold conditions. This simply because they allow a layer of trapped air to form whereas tight-tights usually don't and can feel cold. Under trousers they move easily. So, are they a tight or a trouser? Yes, and at the price worth having just in case...