Grease for restoring waterproofing to leather

Réf :
Key feature
Extend the waterproof properties of leather goods

User benefits

Ease of use
Grease that's easy to apply using a cloth.

Technical card

Designed to
for RE-WATERPROOFING your leather goods and protecting them from stains.
2 years


Care instructions
This grease is designed to be used on full grain leather. (smooth-look leather). Using it on split or nubuck leather (leather with a velvety surface) will change the appearance of your shoes. It will not, however, damage the leather (quite to the contrary). Using this grease will slightly darken the leather.
Restricted use
Will not make shoes that are not already waterproof waterproof!!


Good to know
This product will not make shoes that are not already waterproof waterproof!!! The grease, on its own, is not enough to make shoes waterproof. It is the entire structure of the shoe that makes it waterproof.
This grease restores the original water repellent properties (causing drops of water to slide off) of waterproof leather shoes. It allows the leather to retain its breathability and softens it.

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