Isotherm 0.4 L flask - green

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Key feature
A durable and effective isothermal flask!
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Users reviews

5 / 5 1 rating
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    14 April 2016
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    0.4 L flask
    the story told was true. Followed instructions none

    It did indeed keep the coffee hot for hours. After an hour, it was too hot to drink immediatedly....after 5 hours it was just right.

User benefits

Starting temp: 95°: 76°C after 6 hrs, 63° after 12 hrs, 48° after 24 hrs.
Ease of use
Partially unscrew cap to pour. Cup included. S. steel.
Easy maintenance
Screw cap so easy to clean. Inner stainless steel wall.

Technical card

Stainless steel
0.4 litre
7 x 22 cm
Bottle/Body : 100.0% Steel Cap : 100.0% Polypropylene (PP) Joint/Gasket : 100.0% Silicone
Designed to
keeping drinks hot.
5 years


Care instructions
Hand wash, do not put in a dishwasher. Rinse in clean water, then leave to dry with the cap open.
Storage Tips
Instructions for isothermic flasks: The fuller the bottle, the better it keeps your drink cold or hot.


Advice on how to optimise the performance of your insulated bottle
Fill the bottle with boiling water for 5 minutes. Then replace water with your drink. Close bottle. The fuller the bottle the better it keeps your drink cold or hot.
You can pour liquid easily by partially unscrewing cap; this means you can avoid fully opening the bottle which reduces thermal performance. The cup included screws onto bottle, for easy transport.
Care instructions
Hand wash then rinse in clean water and leave to dry with the cap off. The bottle can be placed in the dishwasher; however the cup and cap are not dishwasher safe.
First use
Rinse the entire product 3 times with clean water before use.
Materials and regulations
All our products and materials meet food contact standards and do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA).