Men's Warm Cross-Country Skiing Base Layer Bottom - Black

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Men's Warm Cross-Country Skiing Base Layer Bottom - Black

  • Man
    40-49 years old
    30 January 2015
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Ok if you're 4ft tall
    Close fit, look good Very short in the leg and low in the waist

    These thermal tights are as cheap as chips and feel as though they'll be warm, but not worn in anger yet. As the size guide doesn't appear to work on the website and I couldn't find any info on sizing, I ordered a medium, as I'm a 34" waist, though at 6ft 2 I have a long inside leg, so am used to base layers being a bit short in the leg. These, however, are ridiculously short and fit like 3/4 tights. There's actually a gap between the bottom of the leg and the top of my socks. They're also fairly low in the waist, and the top is equally short, so I suspect that when worn in anger, I will end up with a cold back as they don't pull up high enough. There is a cinch chord in the waist so that you can tighten it, but this is next to useless, as there is only about an inch of it that sticks out of the fabric. I would be tempted to order a size up if I were to order any more, though I'm unlikely to. Delivery was disappointing too, at more than a week