Nordic 300 Sports Cross-country Ski Poles

Réf :
Key feature
with 30% carbon, it retains good rigidity and impact resistance

User benefits

Ergonomic grip
adjustable gauntlet and injected cork grip
366 g per pair in 150 cm.
30% carbon and 70% fibreglass tube
Small and lightweight washer considerably improves movement of the pole.
Anatomic design
skating = your height x 0.89 (+/-5 cm) / classic = your height x 0.84 (+/-5 cm).

Technical card

30% carbon tubes, polypropylene basket.
Our design team is based at the foot of Mont Blanc, in Haute-Savoie (France). All year round, our designers create and develop products that are appealing, simple, and technologically advanced. These are then ruthlessly tested in the field, as we remain convinced that only through rigorous testing under real world conditions, like the ones you will be using them in, can we continue to provide you with better products than ever.
Designed to
cross-country skiers looking for rigidity and lightness in their poles
2 years


Storage Tips
Store poles in a dry place.
Restricted use
Not suitable for alpine skiing


How to choose your pole length for skating?
The choice of pole is very important for cross-country skiing. If it is too short or too long you will have a lot of difficulty skiing properly. For skating technique: They should be long to maximise your push There are two ways to calculate the length: Length of skating poles = Skier's shoulder or Length of skating poles = Skier's height x 0.89 The length of the poles will also depend on the skier's physical attributes"
How to choose your pole length for classic skiing?
for classic technique: Alternative (or classic) ski poles are slightly shorter. Length of poles = Skier's armpit or Length of poles = Skier's height x 0.83 Once again, the length of the poles will also depend on the skier's physical attributes.
How to choose your pole?
Aluminium poles are solid, heavy and inexpensive - ideal for beginners. Fibreglass poles are more lightweight and fragile and should only be used on slopes. Carbon fibre poles and those with other very lightweight materials are durable and stiff.