Team quechua

“ My name is Pierre, I am 27 years old. I am a sport, mountains and travel enthusiast, so it’s a dream to work at Quechua designing products! ”

Can you tell us about your job?

" My job as Field Test Engineer is to verify that the product is meeting the user’s expectations for its use.
I create test protocols to evaluate product functions, I organise tests with potential clients, I recap with them and then with the product engineers to tell them the modifications we need to make on the prototypes. "

What do you like about hiking?

" What I love in hiking is to be out in nature with wonderful landscapes while making a physical effort, especially during a fast hike. "

Equipe Quechua

Do you have a favourite hike?

" My favourite hike I will say, is the Lac Blanc at Chamonix. It gives you a view of the Mont-Blanc, glaciers and the Aiguilles of Chamonix and you can also see this same landscape reflected in the water. "

Equipement de randonnée quechua

Your Quechua “must have” equipment for hiking?

" Obviously shoes ! The FH500 Helium shoes are good for traction, support and protection.
Also, the MH550W sunglasses are a must for light-coloured eyes, the FH500 breathable t-shirt that dries quickly, the FH500 backpack and the Helium Wind 500 jacket for the picnic at the top of the hike ! "